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Get Food

Do you need food?
Call us or sign up online.


Shop at the Lunenburg Community Food Pantry

Any Lunenburg resident can shop at the Food Pantry.

By appointment only.

When you register here you will choose from a limited list of fresh produce and dairy items.  You will also be able to shop inside the Pantry for dry goods and in our Walk-In Pantry (see below).

We have a new system for making appointments to shop.

Click on the button below to sign up!

Or call 978-660-8074

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You will need a User Name and Password to Login to the PantrySoft system.

Please call or email us for access.

Email:   Phone: 978-660-8074


Food Pantry Shopping Days/Hours

Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:45pm to 7:00pm

Sunday mornings from 8:30am to 10:30am

  • You must register to shop at the pantry by 9am the day prior to shopping:

    • Register by 9am on Mondays for Tuesday shopping.

    • Register by 9am on Wednesdays for Thursday shopping.

    • Register by 9am on Saturdays for Sunday shopping.



TC Passios Cafeteria

1025 Massachusetts Ave

Lunenburg, MA 01462

Sign up Online

Sign up to shop in the Pantry by clicking on the button below!

Sign up by phone

It's easy to sign up to shop at the Pantry! 

Call: 978-660-8074


Shop at the Walk-In Pantry

Any Lunenburg resident can shop at the Walk-In Pantry.

No appointment necessary.

We receive donated food from local sources that include Hannaford Lunenburg and local farms. 

Shop for pastries, bread, fresh produce, deli and meat.

We offer an open walk-in pantry 3 days a week.

Approximate Walk-In Pantry Hours

Check Facebook on day of Pantry for exact hours 

Tuesday & Thursday evenings

Sunday mornings


TC Passios Cafeteria

1025 Massachusetts Ave.

Lunenburg, MA 01462

Please note: Walk-in Pantry hours may fluctuate and depend upon our

daily volume of registered customers.

**For precise timings, please consult our Facebook pages on the day of your visit.

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